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SWAP Mission Statement

To promote re-use within the Washington University community through the free exchange and affordable sale of donated goods

Sharing With A Purpose is a student-owned and operated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the open exchange of physical materials as well as knowledge-based resources among members of The Wash U and larger St. Louis communities. Since its founding in 2008, SWAP annually collects reusable items left by students during the spring move-out season and stores them over the summer. SWAP then resells these items to students at an affordable price during the fall semester move-in. (SWAP in the swamp). SWAP also runs the Trading Post, an exchange store on the Washington University campus.

What we try to accomplish on a larger scale

The Mission of the Sharing With A Purpose (SWAP) is to bridge the gap between social justice and sustainability by empowering people to share resources. We aim to meet the needs identified by diverse communities through modes of collaborative consumption such as free markets, borrowing and barter networks, skill shares, and other efforts that reduce waste by making existing resources available for new use. We advocate for shared power and decision making in all actions, the open exchange of knowledge-based resources, and personal accountability for the well-being of others and of the earth.

We strive to create interconnected networks of mutual solidarity and support. Our collective efforts make possible a future in which all people have access to the resources needed to thrive.

About us

Name and email: Lily Schacht, lilyschacht@wustl.edu

Position in swap: Director of Internal Operations

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Grad year: 2017

Major: Chemical Engineering

Other involvement: Skillshare Collective, Burning Kumquat, Engineering Tutor

Fun fact: I’m very afraid of stairs

Name and email: Eva Blumenfeld, eblumenfeld@wustl.edu

Position in swap: Director of Marketing

Hometown: White Plains, NY

Grad year: 2018

Major: Psychological & Brain Sciences, minors in Communication Design & Spanish

Other involvement: Design for America, WUsauce salsa team

Fun fact: I love making collages

Name and email: Talia Menche, menchet@wustl.edu

Position in swap: Storefront Manager & Finance Director

Hometown: New York City

Grad year: 2019

Major: Psychological and Brain Sciences, second major: Leadership and Strategic Management

Other involvement: Events Coordinator of Chabad Students Association, Member of Alpha Epsilon Phi

Name and email: Sylvie Skene, sylvieskene@wustl.edu

Position in swap: Special Events Coordinator

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Grad year: 2019

Major: Environmental Earth Science, Minor: Art

Other involvement: Delta Gamma Fraternity, Washington University Green Ambassador

Fun fact: Sylvie spends her free time playing with rocks and rating her friends based on their green-smoothie making skills.

Name and email: Yuwei Pan, panyuwei.2007@gmail.com

Position in swap: Senior Designer

Hometown: Fuzhou, China

Grad year: 2018

Major: Fine Art + Psychology

Other involvement: Office for International Students and Scholars, Sam Fox Student Office, Sam Fox ambassador, Co-Op, Campus Y, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Fun fact: I brush my teeth in the shower

Name and email: Marcelle Dabbah, marcelle.dabbah@wustl.edu

Position in swap: Intern

Hometown: Manhattan, New York

Grad year: 2019

Major: International and Area Studies with a concentration in Global Cultural Studies, and a Minor in Fine Art

Other involvement: The Burning Kumquat, Jewish life on campus

Name and email: Payton Lang, lang.p@wustl.edu

Position in swap: Intern

Hometown: Tinley Park, IL

Grad year: 2019

Major: Healthcare Management

Other involvement: Gamma Phi Beta, Olin Peer Ambassadors

Trading Post

The Trading post is a non-profit student-run reuse and exchange store where members of the Wash U community can both donate and take items for free. The Trading post is an extension of SWAP and serves as a physical location where the donation of reusables, including books, clothing, dorm items, office supplies, electronics, furnishings and more occurs throughout the academic school year.


Our storefront, the Trading Post, is open every weekday 4-6 pm, on the corner of the row of student businesses between Uncle Joe’s and Bears Bikes.

You may email us directly at swapstl@gmail.com, or fill out the form below with any questions or ideas you have for us.

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